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Reviewing Books

Volume XVIII, Issue One | March 2020

Someplace to Call Home by Sandra Dallas

Reviewing Books


Solid Color Quilts

Years ago, when The Persian Pickle Club was making the rounds of publishers and nobody wanted it, I came across the American Quilt Study Group. I had no idea that there was actually an organization for quilters. In fact, I didn’t know there were more than a few quilters out there. I joined and have enjoyed the AQSG’s publications ever since.

If you’re a quilter, you might be interested in AQSG’s latest, 200 Years of Solid Color Quilts: A Quilt Study. Here’s how Amazon describes it:

With all of the printed fabrics that have been available to quilters over the centuries, why are quilt makers drawn to solid color fabrics again and again? Bright and bold to soft and subdued, these quilts are graphic and timeless. In the latest Biennial Quilt Study, members of the American Quilt Study Group were challenged to study a solid color quilt created any time during the last 200 years and create a quilt inspired by the original. The inspiration quilts are varied and the resulting creations range from a near duplicate to a distant but certainly related relative. This book holds the results of this study and the 45 study quilts that were completed and exhibited at the 2018 AQSG Seminar in Bethesda, Maryland. Each participant explains the thoughts and planning as well as what was learned from the study of the inspiration quilt and the making of the new quilt. Join the American Quilt Study Group in

celebrating solid color quilts.


Sandra’s Picks

I recently reread David Morrell’s Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing, one of my two favorite books on writing. The other of course is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Throughout the book, Morrell mentions books that every writer should read. It’s embarrassing to realize how many of them I haven’t read. So my goal is to read at least some of those books. A partial list includes David Copperfield, Other Voices, Other Rooms, anything by William Faulkner, The Good Soldier, Heart of Darkness, The Maltese Falcon, Les Miserables, Sister Carrie, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Ambassadors.

Books on the list that I want to reread are Wuthering Heights, The Age of Innocence, Catcher in the Rye, A Farewell to Arms, Metamorphosis, and The Red Badge of Courage.

But don’t hold me to it. I’ve had Anna Karenina on my Iphone for five years and am only a fourth of the way through it.


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